PSY 120

Review #1

It's a nice broad overview of psych in general and is for sure not a hard class. If you are a slacker, you can get through the class by simply doing the homework and reading the book (although the lectures are super interesting) and not actually have to go to any lecture.


Review #2

PSY 120 is one of the easiest classes I took at Purdue. Pretty interesting though, it was the only psych class I took. I think my professor was Ward. She was pretty good for the most part, I'd recommend her.


Review #3

I took the hybrid version and you get a study guide with literally all the questions that will show up on the exams, do the study guide and you're golden. It definitely helps to read the chapters and to take notes for the quizzes though. You also won't have to learn everything right before the exam.


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